A downloadable aquarium for Windows and Android

Kick back, relax, and watch the fish go about their day.

R to randomize

Alt+Enter to switch fullscreen on/off.


Digital Aquarium.zip 3 MB
Digital Aquarium.apk 10 MB

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Could we get a Linux version? Would love to have this as a desktop of sorts!

I've tried to export to Linux in Gamemaker before and failed miserably. I'll try to give it another shot this evening. I'm really bad at Linux stuff, even though I have a Linux Mint Netbook. Maybe it can run using WINE?

Thank you so much! It's strange that the Linux export would be troublesome (but I've never used GameMaker). WINE would probably work, but having it running would sap all my computer's resources.

Let me know if you get it!

I just tried and can't get it to export. I'm having the same problem as described here and the solution is just too much for me (using GM Studio 1.4), and it may not even work in the end if I try to do all that. Sorry :[



Thank you so much for trying! I'm sorry it didn't work out!