A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Your ball bounces off active blocks only. Switch the blocks, smash monster eggs. Watch out for momma monster!

Music by chasersgaming
from opengameart.org
license CC0


Reflector Sector.apk 18 MB
Reflector Sector.zip 11 MB


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Hi, just played your game. The main mechanic is interesting and the music is cool. However it's a bit frustrating when there is just one ball left and all you can do is make a pray hoping that your ball will eventually crush the other. Maybe consider influencing the other balls with the same mechanic as the yellow one (even more when your already have the corresponding color for the block). Congrats nevertheless for your game :)

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Thanks :] Having the enemy balls bounce off blocks too would make collision estimation too complicated unless there are less walls and balls. The focus on the players ball movement is important. I don't understand that all you can do is pray with the last ball left. But the player my have to wait a bit and grasp the opportunity quickly when it comes. If the player destroyed too many walls to bounce off of it will become luck, which is kind of a punishment for destroying the walls which give you options to influence what is happening.