A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Flex Armstrong has mastered of the ancient art of bodybuilding. Follow him on his legendary path to heroism.

Flex muscles to deflect danger.

Photosensitive seizure WARNING: FLASHING LIGHTS!


Flex Armstrong.exe 9 MB
Flex Armstrong.apk 17 MB


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Today we play 4 games form a developer called "woodsmoke"

woodsmoke on itch


0.22 - Flex Armstrong


7.25 - Ice Cream Air Balloon


9.30 - Navpoint Alpha


14.25 - Digital Firewood


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Oh nice 2for1 GAMERS made it through Flex Armstrong! It ain't easy. You guys got some respectable gaming skills.


I really enjoyed this one, it I was evident since most of the video was flex Armstrong gameplay haha. Where is Part 2? :)

Yeah I should make a part 2. It's my most liked games, which is funny because it was created carelessly with very rough art.

That was definitely different, but when I finish a level you should change the photography bit, some people may have a reaction to the flashing imagery or warn people about it.

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I'm a big fan of diversity in games and enjoy experimenting. I added a flashing lights warning to the games page. Thanks for playing Fellowplayer and thank you for your feedback.

That's ok thank you, but I mean a warning in the game itself on the main menu page in case people miss it in the games description.