A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Flex Armstrong has mastered of the ancient art of bodybuilding. Follow him on his legendary path to heroism.

Photosensitive seizure WARNING: FLASHING LIGHTS!


Flex Armstrong.exe 9 MB
Flex Armstrong.apk 22 MB

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Today we play 4 games form a developer called "woodsmoke"

woodsmoke on itch


0.22 - Flex Armstrong


7.25 - Ice Cream Air Balloon


9.30 - Navpoint Alpha


14.25 - Digital Firewood


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Oh nice 2for1 GAMERS made it through Flex Armstrong! It ain't easy. You guys got some respectable gaming skills.


I really enjoyed this one, it I was evident since most of the video was flex Armstrong gameplay haha. Where is Part 2? :)

Yeah I should make a part 2. It's my most liked games, which is funny because it was created carelessly with very rough art.

That was definitely different, but when I finish a level you should change the photography bit, some people may have a reaction to the flashing imagery or warn people about it.

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I'm a big fan of diversity in games and enjoy experimenting. I added a flashing lights warning to the games page. Thanks for playing Fellowplayer and thank you for your feedback.

That's ok thank you, but I mean a warning in the game itself on the main menu page in case people miss it in the games description.