A downloadable game for Windows

Fly a hot air balloon through the windy mountains. Collect snow from the mountain peaks to make ice cream, then deliver it to the villagers. Hit the mountains and the balloon deflates making rude noises.

Ice Cream Air Balloon was made as an experiment to see what it's like to use CC0 art only. All of the art is from opengameart.org, and all the sound from freesound.org.


Ice Cream Air Balloon.exe 5 MB


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Today we play 4 games form a developer called "woodsmoke"

woodsmoke on itch


0.22 - Flex Armstrong


7.25 - Ice Cream Air Balloon


9.30 - Navpoint Alpha


14.25 - Digital Firewood


Thanks for the support. Maybe I should add more instructions in text form to my games. I never read manuals and always found things out slowly by exploring the game, so that's how I tend to design my games.


You are very welcome. Yeah Just a one liner even saying “collect cones from the snow caps”

I didn’t want to crash so I didn’t approach them at first.

Good fun regardless!